A little story about the birth of this blog, it’s from a classroom on campus. About four years ago, three students majoring in Tourism Management at the Graduate School of Sahid University (SPS Univ. Sahid) in Jakarta were having many discussions about the situation and development of tourism in Indonesia. Not always talking about any concerns, but also questioning how to support sustainable tourism development and tourism ethics here.

Realizing the strategic functions and benefits of the blog to expand the ideas, then came the idea to create jejakwisata.com on December 3rd, 2010. The blog not only present travel writing about destinations, foods, news, and tips, but also tourism studies to encourage the development of tourism as industry and science. Anyone can join us and share stories and perspectives with us.

Why do we make orangutan as our identity? Like the orangutan as a creature who loves adventure and looking for fruits in the tropical jungle, we also try to explore the opportunities and potential of tourism in Indonesia as a priceless treasure to be developed. As is now endemic endangered orangutans trail also has an important role in the preservation of forest conservation through the distribution of seeds of the fruit are eaten. So with the motto "Travel & Tourism in Indonesia," we try to live the philosophy of the existence of orangutans in order to explore a variety of tourism and share it to you, the petulang, as our readers.